The 100 Year Special Design

Jake and Gino talk with Kristin Colca, a 100 Year REI Team Member about the special design of 100 Year policies that make them different than typical whole life insurance policies. The panel not only explains the key elements of a specially-designed 100 Year Real Estate Investor policy but also dives into specific case studies of how people have leveraged the special design for real estate investing.

Key Insights:

– 100 Year REI Policy Design: A Sneak Peek

Mutually owned insurance companies vs. stock owned insurance companies

Financial stability of an insurance company

Direct recognition vs. non-direct recognition companies

– The 100 Year REI Wheelbarrow design of a whole life insurance policy

– Customized solutions made to achieve any financial objective

– How are 100 Year policies different?

– Why work with our Team?

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