A Stock Market Wake-Up Call

Today’s 100 Year Real Estate Investor Team Member Spotlight is on John Shedenhelm. John has helped more than 800 investors grow their wealth, reduce their taxes and work toward their dreams of financial security. He is also CEO of Eagle Financial Solutions and co-author of the book, “The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security.”

John’s Story:
John got sucked into the whole stock market craze in the late nineties, and actually invested in variable universal life insurance. It was all tied to the stock market. Then the early 2000s came and brought three consecutive years of stock market losses.

This was John’s major wake-up call- that the stock market is a roll of the dice, you don’t know when it’s going to happen, but eventually, it does happen… CRASH. He began to question, “Is there a better way to financially succeed than to just throw your money into the market and hope that it works out?” That’s when he discovered whole life insurance and realized a good financial plan has to have a balance.
John was introduced to Nelson Nash and the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) in 2003 and was even mentored by Nelson himself. What he liked about the IBC concept was that it was uncorrelated to the market, it was guaranteed, and it was predictable. You could count on whole life insurance when you needed it most.

That’s where a 100 Year Policy comes in. With our specially-designed Whole Life Insurance Policies as part of your strategy, you get a predictable and safe asset. We believe in keeping your investments balanced and separated, into different buckets. John says, “If you’re going to invest in the market, invest in the market and that’s maybe for retirement, knowing that it’s volatile. But if you’re going to invest in real estate, you need something that’s stable and consistent and predictable and that’s liquid. Our policies offer that.” For more on separating investments, watch this video on The Barbell Investment Strategy.

We asked John:
Is there anybody out there who Whole Life doesn’t work for?

He said: I think the only person that doesn’t work for, is somebody that’s impatient or loves the market. Someone who can’t stand just the stable, consistent, guaranteed, predictable returns of Whole Life. They have to have a long-term mindset, and if they don’t, then it’s not going to work. I had a friend one time who kept looking at the short term and said, “Yeah, but it takes a while to get this cranked up.” I asked him, “Do you want a financial plan that stops in 10 years or one that lasts your Whole Life?” He goes, “Well, my Whole Life!” Sure, 10 years is important, but you’ve got to look beyond that.”

More About John:

John Shedenhelm is CEO of his own independent financial advisory firm and together with Pamela Yellen, founder of Bank On Yourself® co-authored the book “The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security.” With his Eagle Financial Solutions team of advisors, John has helped thousands of clients grow their wealth, reduce their taxes and work toward their dreams of financial security.

Through John’s leadership, the Eagle Financial Solutions team has put its clients on track to build more than half a billion dollars of additional wealth they would not have had otherwise, through safe, proven financial strategies. That’s why John’s clients think of him as their “secret weapon,” helping to grow and safeguard their wealth.

John lives in the Columbus area with his wife, Maryanne, and their two children. When John’s not working, you may find him watching his son’s basketball games or attending his daughter’s college soccer games. John is also active in the community and his local church.

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