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Generational Wealth Created Through Whole Life Insurance*

(*Death benefit at time of issue)


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Each Member of the 100 Year REI Team is a Bank on Yourself® Professional, and are experts in the Infinite Banking Concept®. We are licensed and service clients nationwide. All Team Members collectively own 35 policies and specialize in working with Real Estate Investors.

The 100 Year REI Team

Gino Barbaro & Jake Stenziano

Jake and Gino are Multifamily Investors, Educators, and Operators, who have accumulated over $150,000,000 in assets under management and have grown their real estate portfolio to over 1,800 multifamily units.

As leading experts on investing & managing in the multifamily space, they continue to teach others how to do the same through Jake &​ Gino, a multifamily real estate education company founded on their three pillars of sound apartment investing; Buy Right, Manage Right, and Finance Right ®. To date, their students have closed 34,000 units and have$ 1.5 Billion in Deal volume!

Knowing that leveraging the Dual Asset Strategy could assist in Buying Right ® and setting up long-term personal financial engineering, they teamed up with Rick and Teresa and  Co-Founded the 100 Year Real Estate Investor brand.

Their only regret about Whole Life?
Wishing they had discovered it sooner.

Rick Sapio

Rick is an International #1 best-selling author of the book, “Who’s In Your Room: The Secret to Creating Your Best Life.” He is a TEDx speaker and a life-long entrepreneur, who has founded 20 companies. Rick has been a CEO of an investment holding company for the past three decades.

He believes that The 100 Year REI Solution is the holy grail for real estate investors. He is passionate about helping individuals create long-term, generational wealth. 

He puts his money where his mouth is as an owner of eleven 100 Year whole life policies.

Rick leverages his policies to invest in real estate, private companies, and other alternative investments. He also uses his key-man policies to protect his businesses and his estate from unexpected future events. Additionally, Rick wanted to give his four children a head start, so he and his wife have created a policy for each of them, which will help them in their own generational wealth plans.

Teresa Kuhn  JD, RFC, CSA

Teresa Kuhn is a financial strategist, educator, and best-selling author who specializes in using whole life insurance as an asset class. She has been in the financial services industry for over 35 years. She is a Bank on Yourself Professional as well as an Infinite Banking Practitioner.

Teresa’s diverse educational and life background, including experience as an attorney, financial advisor, and entrepreneur, make her uniquely qualified to assist individuals, families, and business owners in designing blueprints for financial and professional success. For over 20 years, she has been passionate about ensuring her real estate clients have the tools and customized strategies they need to survive an ever-changing marketplace. 

She has counseled thousands across the nation, helping them avoid exposing their wealth to eroding factors such as taxes, inflation, and Wall Street losses.

Norm Westervelt

Norm Westervelt is a seasoned real estate expert has over 7 years of experience in the whole life insurance space. Norm Westervelt has been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years in various industries. Norm has been able to bring his business strategy and financial strengths to every environment. He has been a part of believing a sound foundation in cash management and accounting principles contributes significantly to organizational success. Norman also has vast experience in operational roles in industries related to higher education, publishing, manufacturing, construction/development, and personal financial education.

Norm Westervelt is currently the Executive Administrator of Strategy West Financial in partnership with 100 Year Real Estate Investor, supporting the education of hundreds of people each year on every aspect of a human’s life value. Norm loves the human drive to progress, innovate, and better lives. He sees how with the right mentorship an innovator can go from just a person with cool ”ideas” to a multimillionaire for life. That is his mission to support the big thinkers of our time so we can all enjoy better ways to live.

Kristin Colca

Kristin Colca is a 100 Year Real Estate Investor Team Member who specializes in the Dual Asset Strategy. In addition to obtaining a finance degree, she completes ongoing training to maintain her status as a licensed insurance agent and Bank on Yourself Professional®. 

Her passion for helping her clients attain financial freedom has led her to specialize in designing whole life insurance solutions for real estate investors and entrepreneurs. She is able to connect with their ‘outside the box’ thinking around money to create unique solutions that meet their objectives. 

Personally, she is working towards her own goals of creating passive income and leaving a legacy for her family through her own whole life insurance policies. Part of those goals includes investing in real estate by leveraging her policy’s cash value. In her off time, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with her family.


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