In this episode, Jake and Gino discuss dividend-paying whole life insurance policies through mutually-owned insurance companies and why you need this in your portfolio. Since a mutually-owned insurance company is owned by its whole life insurance policyholders, it is customary for these mutual insurers to pay dividends annually back to its whole life policy owners.

The insurance companies used by the 100 Year Team have paid a dividend consistently for over 100 years, never missing a year. Policyholders can use the cash value accumulated inside their policy as an investment-like savings account and borrow money from it.

Further, the cash value of your whole life insurance policy will not be taxed while it’s growing. This approach is considered tax-advantaged, meaning that your money grows faster because it’s not being reduced by taxes each year.

Jake and Gino also discuss why high-net-worth individuals prefer whole life insurance over other savings vehicles and note its tax-advantaged benefits as one of the top reasons. They share how this strategy has helped them both create wealth and retain it.  Plus, learn how the ‘bucket system’ can help you manage your savings, cash, and real estate, to protect your wealth and legacy long term.

Key Moments:
00:00 Introduction
01:05 Why continue to roll the dice or lose money in the stock market?
01:20 Gino utilizing the Dual Asset Strategy: Using cash value whole life insurance to invest in real estate
04:27 Stock trading vs overfunded whole life insurance – which has more consistent dividends?
05:30 Tax advantages of whole life insurance as a savings vehicle
07:52 Equity build-up vs buying something
09:51 How IRAs pension system started and how it works
12:59 Where do banks invest their money? Mutually-owned whole life insurance.
15:20 Three pillars of wealth: Own real estate, have a small business and get a whole life insurance
15:47 Wrap up

If you’re looking for a solution with guaranteed growth, talk to our Team today about a whole life insurance policy to protect the legacy you are working so hard to build. They can walk you through your options, and how each compares to the other savings vehicles and strategies out there. (They can also explain how to reinvest your dividends!)


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