Leveraging Whole Life Insurance to Create Retirement Income

In these videos, you will learn about leveraging our specially-designed whole life insurance policies to create multiple streams of income. You’ll hear from 100 Year Team Member, John Shedenhelm, how if used properly, you can leverage your policy to create a tax-free income in retirement, in addition to a tax-free legacy for your loved ones.

Top Ways Whole Life Helps with Retirement

• If the market takes a downturn, you can leverage your policy’s cash value for your income needs, giving your stocks and mutual fund accounts a break to heal.

• Withdraw amounts from your taxable sources until you reach the top of the tax bracket you’d like to be in, then supplement the rest of your income using your specially-designed whole life policy’s tax-exempt distributions.

• Our specially designed Whole Life insurance policies have special riders or policy stipulations that allow you to access the income-tax-free death benefit for specified medical conditions while you are still living

• A whole life policy allows you to both keep money liquid and grow it, without taxes or market risk, so all your assets work for you all the time, without a lost opportunity cost while you wait.

How to Create Multiple Income Streams with Whole Life Insurance

In this video, Jake and Gino discuss creating multiple streams of income by leveraging a specially-designed Whole Life Insurance Policy. Gino shares his own experience on how he has utilized his whole life policy for multiple purposes, including real estate investing.

The key takeaways:

• A Whole Life Insurance Policy can open up several ways for you to create multiple streams of income.

• Our specially designed policies can offer more flexibility with easy access to your money, unlike traditional retirement plans or 401K plans that lock in your funds for a long period of time.

• You can use your cash value to invest in real estate, creating a passive-income earning asset. (You now have TWO assets: the life insurance policy and the income-producing real estate!)

• Additionally, your cash value can be used to fund other big-ticket items such as buying a car or RV, going for a vacation, and much more

• The carriers we use continue to grow your cash value while you use it for self-financing as if you never even touched it!

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