How to Leverage Whole Life Insurance to Beat Paying with Cash


The biggest component of this strategy is the fact that your entire asset base continues to compound in your favor in spite of having used some of it to make a purchase.

If you use this strategy to invest in real estate, you are really having your cash work twice as hard. Now you have two assets – a cash-flowing property that can provide tax advantages if structured properly AND liquid cash inside a life insurance policy that continuously compounds while protecting your family and assets.

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In this video, Gino sits down with Ryan Messina, a Jake and Gino student, investor, educator, husband, and father.  Ryan talks with Gino and shares the reasons for why he prefers having whole life and real estate investments over 401k. He talks about how his whole life policy designed by 100 Year team has enabled him to reach his financial goals. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain firsthand insight into leveraging whole life insurance for real estate investing, directly from a member of the Jake and Gino Community. Watch now!


On this episode, Jake and Gino show you how to avoid making “the billion-dollar mistake”. They throw the light on one of the biggest mistakes a whole-life insurance policy holder can make while they are alive, and that is- not having a plan in place for their own passing, and proper organization of their insurance documents. In the worst case, this mistake could even lead to your death benefit wasting away in an unclaimed funds account, while heirs are busy fighting for their rights over the property in the Estate. (A billion dollars goes unclaimed every year!) Make sure you avoid this.


In this video, Co-Founder Rick Sapio talks about the numerous ways your business can benefit from whole life insurance. Everyone should have life insurance. But- as a business owner, you need more protection than you can get from just a personal policy. Whole life insurance can be equally important for your family’s protection if you own a business. Here are 3 top ways: 1. Income Replacement, 2. Buy-Sell Agreements, and 3. Cross-Purchase Agreement. Watch the full video to learn more. 


The Whole Life Insurance Policies offered by the 100 Year Real Estate Investor are specially designed. This means they work harder toward achieving your financial objectives, no matter what they may be.

Truly successful life insurance planning is an art backed by years of experience. There’s no “one size fits all” solution. Each client requires a unique plan reflecting their unique capital, income, business, tax, estate, and charitable objectives. We work closely with you to integrate the 100 Year Strategy into a customized plan directed to YOUR specific needs.