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estate taxes tips

We’ve shown you how the Dual Asset Strategy works, using our specially-designed whole life insurance policies to help fund your real estate deals. However, your whole life policy comes with a TON of other benefits you may not even know about. Learn all the additional ways to leverage this unique strategy. Watch Now.

estate taxes tips

Learn how to utilize The 100 Year Real Estate Investor strategy and create two assets using the same dollars – the income-producing real estate and the whole life insurance policy, with all of its benefits. Simplify your real estate investment business immediately. Watch Now.

estate taxes tips

As you may have heard, everything is changing tax-wise. These changes have the potential to devastate families and create financial burdens for your children, especially for real estate investors who have substantial illiquid assets. It’s important to understand and plan for these changes while you still can. Watch Now.


Dave Ramsey Has Whole Life Insurance Wrong?

Dave Ramsey is well known as an influential radio talk show host in which he gives his opinion on the best ways to get out of debt, save more money,…

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Energizing Your “Lazy” Money

Learn how to energize your “lazy” money and make it work harder for you.

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What Is Whole Life Insurance?

What is Whole Life Insurance? And how can the 100 Year REI Team support your policy buying decisions.

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Jake and Gino talk Dual Asset Strategy

Watch Gino explain the 5 key benefits of the Dual Asset Strategy: safety, protection, control, generational wealth, and tax advantages.

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100 Year Real Estate Investor

100 Year Real Estate Investor is the newest show from multifamily mavericks, Jake and Gino. Learn how the Dual Asset Strategy can make your entrepreneurial aspiration a reality from two of the most respected thought leaders in Real Estate. On the premiere episode of the 100 Year Real Estate Investor Jake and Gino discuss the mindset of a 100 Year Real Estate Investor.

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Becoming Your Own Source of Financing with Teresa Kuhn

The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of the actions you take. In this episode, Jake and Gino talk…

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Simplicity and Rhythms to Guide your Family with Rick and Melissa Sapio

Since 1994, Rick has been CEO of MCA, an investment holding company that has made more than 100 investments. Rick married Melissa back in…

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