Helpful information on permanent, whole life insurance for real estate investors.



Whole Life for REI

Learn how Gino’s brother, Marco Barbaro, unlocked the cash value of his Whole Life Insurance Policy and started using it for real estate investing. Marco was a successful restaurant entrepreneur, but he wanted to achieve time and financial freedom, and he chose multifamily real estate investing as a vehicle to achieve those goals. Watch Now.

Generational Wealth Using The Dual Asset Strategy

Hear about Tim Austin creating $2 Million in generational wealth, using the Dual Asset Strategy. Tim also dives into how to access your cash value in a safe tax-favored environment, as well as creating a buy/sell agreement in your business. Learn how to leverage dividend-paying whole life insurance to protect your financial future- Watch Now.

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Learn how our 100 Year REI whole life insurance policies protect those of us that are investing in real estate- either with a partner, with key employees, or even have family members that will eventually inherit our real estate holdings. We discuss the two types of business insurance that real estate investors need: Buy/Sell Agreements and Keyman Insurance. Watch Now.

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We’ve shown you how the Dual Asset Strategy works, using our specially-designed whole life insurance policies to help fund your real estate deals. However, your whole life policy comes with a TON of other benefits you may not even know about. Learn all the additional ways to leverage this unique strategy. Watch Now.

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As you may have heard, everything is changing tax-wise. These changes have the potential to devastate families and create financial burdens for your children, especially for real estate investors who have substantial illiquid assets. It’s important to understand and plan for these changes while you still can. Watch Now.

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Learn how to utilize The 100 Year Real Estate Investor strategy and create two assets using the same dollars – the income-producing real estate and the whole life insurance policy, with all of its benefits. Simplify your real estate investment business immediately. Watch Now.


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