Who Rolls the Dice with Whole Life Insurance?

The purpose of insurance is to shift risk off of the shoulders of the consumer and onto the insurance carrier.

Watch the video below to hear Jake, Gino & Teresa talk about the various ways whole life insurance can be leveraged to manage risk. 

The insurance carrier is rolling the dice when they insure a new consumer- they are betting that there will be a number of years that they can invest the premiums before having to pay out a death claim.

Unlike term life insurance, of which only 1% of policies will ever result in a death claim (great odds for the insurance company!), whole life provides lifetime protection against unfortunate events. In addition to asset protection and income replacement, whole life insurance also accrues cash value which the policy owner has access to. 

Every person and their situation is different, and our Team is dedicated to understanding the full picture of your financial situation and goals. We will help you to make an informed decision whether this strategy is right for you.

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