On this episode, Jake and Gino are with Jason Medley. Jason is the Founder and the Chief Connector at The Collective Genius, a mastermind for high volume REIs with >50 transaction per year. They teach how to hire your “A” team, scale your profitability, build wealth and give back, all through Real Estate Investing.

Jason talks about long-termism and rules that have helped him navigate the tough times throughout his life. He shares with us how he started as a mortgage broker and then ended up in short-selling and flipping. Jason has learned that we cannot predict the future, but we can prepare for it, and to do this you must have a long-term mindset!

Jason has over 21 years of experience in real estate and finance. He has partnered over 2,600 multi-family doors with Collective Genius members. and funded over 1,500 loans. To learn more about him and Collective Genius, click here: https://thecollectivegenius.com

Key Insights: 

00:00 Introduction 

02:56 Starting out in RE as a mortgage broker 21 years ago 

04:24 Short-selling and flipping properties

07:40 Multifamily investment plans for the future, how he planned to scale 

11:50 Making money is a skillset, but keeping it is a discipline that requires MINDSET

14:43 Reliable and systemizable income is the goal instead of passive investing 

17:40 Lack of focus will make talented and driven people fall down 

20:54 Sacrificing the short-term for the long-term in business and real estate investing

27:50 How do values shape a company? 

34:27 With blessing comes responsibility 

38:15 Why you should avoid comparison traps 

40:45 Wrap-up


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