Creating Generational Wealth Using the Dual Asset Strategy

with Tim Austin

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“Money is a terrible master, but an excellent servant.” -Tim Austin

Hear how Tim created over $2 Million in generational wealth, using the Dual Asset Strategy. He also dives into creating a buy/sell agreement in your business, and leveraging dividend-paying whole life insurance to protect your financial future.

Tim Austin and the Dual Asset Strategy

Tim Austin co-founded the Bank On Yourself concept. He is also the founder of SET for Advisors, a leading training organization for financial advisors who want to help their clients grow wealth predictably and without unnecessary risk. 

Tim has worked with 100 Year REI Co-Founder Teresa Kuhn for over two decades, making clients’ financial dreams a reality. As a real estate investor, he knows the importance of limiting the risk in your financial plan. With this mindset, Tim turned $290K into over $2Million utilizing the Dual Asset Strategy to invest in real estate.