Why IULs Don’t Work

for the Dual Asset Strategy


Learn about Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) and how those types of policies will NOT work for the Dual Asset Strategy.

Hear the Top Reasons Why an IUL Is NOT a Fit for the 100 Year REI’s Dual Asset Strategy:

– No Control

– No Guarantees

– No Liquidity

– No Flexibility

– No Protection

– No Proven Track Record

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Hear from those already leveraging the benefits of the Dual Asset Strategy.

Two years ago, I started dividend-paying, whole life insurance policies for myself and my husband. As a lifelong entrepreneur, it made a lot of sense to have a financial vehicle that gives me access to cash when I need it, on my terms. Since then, I’ve used my policy to finance RV flips and to invest in commercial property development. I use the income-producing asset of the property to pay the loan back at a pace that makes the most sense to me. The best part is- if I need to stop or skip payments I can do so without penalties, and the money I borrowed continues to grow while I pay the policy loan back!

Erica Sherwood

“I love being able to use my whole life policy to self-finance real estate flips and hard money lending. This strategy lets me double-dip, keeping my savings growing while I use it towards investments. I can then pay my policy back when I realize a profit and use the rest of the profits to maximize the cash available inside my policy. There is a saying that ‘having cash attracts opportunity’, and the liquidity that my policy affords me has done just that!”

John Grubiak