Leveraging Life Insurance for Real Estate Investing






featuring Groundbreaker CEO, Jake Marmulstein

Investing in Real Estate

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Investing in Real Estate

This is a strategy built upon a reliable product known as whole life insurance.

But- it is more than just life insurance.

How? Because of the unique way that we design these policies, you can expect to have more cash value than a typical life insurance policy.

Plus, you can borrow against your policy while continuing to grow your cash value as if you never even touched it. You can use the policy loan to invest in real estate, creating two assets at once- The whole life policy and the incoming-producing real estate property.

You can also use your cash value for things like a fix or flip, unexpected property repairs, or hard-money lending. It has tax advantages, protection for unexpected medical expenses, and an increasing death benefit.

While dividends are not guaranteed and are based on the profitability of the insurance companies, our policies are only underwritten by carriers with a tested track record of paying those dividends without skipping a year.

Groundbreaker is real estate syndication software to automate real estate fundraising, investment management, and investor relations.


Groundbreaker was just chicken-scratch on a napkin back in 2011 when Jake underwrote real estate investments at a growing REIT in Chicago. Preparing investment materials was cumbersome and handling investor relations was done with cobbled-together solutions like spreadsheets, decks, file storage for documents, and email. Managing data and answering to investors was a time-intensive, manual process. There had to be a better way.

Just a few short years later, the commercial real estate industry is changing before our eyes. We believe technology can dramatically change the way firms invest in real estate, that investors are becoming more tech-savvy, and that these forces create an opportunity for real estate investment firms to embrace new tools that unlock pent-up growth. We created Groundbreaker to harness these forces and empower firms to thrive in this new digital environment.


Electronic Transfers

Groundbreaker allows you to collect investor contributions electronically – no more waiting for checks, running to the bank, or checking for wires.

  • Collect equity contributions and send distributions electronically with only a few clicks
  • Automatically calculate investor distribution allocations and send payments by ACH
  • Reduce banking costs


Investor Management

Publish offering documents and deal terms to investors to review offerings, complete subscription agreements and fund investments while Groundbreaker tracks engagement.

  • Leverage a rich database of investor information
  • Automate the investment process
  • Track investor actions as they progress through an investment


Modern Investor Portal

Groundbreaker provides an institutional-grade reporting platform that sophisticated investors have come to expect from quality deal sponsors.

  • Cloud storage for general, tax, marketing, and legal documents
  • Enable investors to self-service their account while strengthening your brand