An Alternative to College: The Dual Asset Strategy. Leveraging the cash value inside a whole life insurance company can benefit your family long-term, thus providing options you otherwise may not have.

Entrepreneurship is about creative thinking and the courage to do something different. It is about life by design and not by default.

In this episode, Teresa Kuhn shares how her son has evolved as a young entrepreneur based on strong values, on-the-job training, and passion to create value for others. By leveraging the Dual Asset Strategy, Teresa was able to provide her son an alternative to attending college. Instead, she started a dividend-paying whole life insurance policy for him. She then leveraged that policy to help him start his own HVAC business.

We all know college is expensive. Many people graduate from college, only to realize that they choose the wrong path. Most importantly, this strategy could save you and your family both time and MONEY! Teresa and her son decided that starting a business would be much better for him than spending $250,000 on going off to college. Now, at only 24 years old, the HVAC business he started is thriving.

Ask Yourself.

Start by questioning many of your notions about how the world is, and how it should be. Ask yourself questions like: Why do all kids have to go to college? Is this right for my children or grandchildren? Could setting them up in a business be better? In conclusion, if you are parents who want your children to be successful, consider an alternative to college.

Key Insights:

00:00 Introduction

00:50 Preparing kids for a larger picture

02:45 Can entrepreneurship be taught?

04:40 Basic survival skills in the modern-day world

08:02 Dual Asset Strategy to launch new businesses

10:50 Having the courage to do something different than the norm

13:19 Multifamily real estate investing is the future

14:06 Whole life policy for better financial future

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