What You Should Know When Shopping for an Insurance Agent

Shopping Around for an Insurance Agent? Here’s What You Should Know…

If you are looking to start a life insurance policy, especially a cash value life insurance policy, the first step on your journey should be finding the right insurance agent. Purchasing cash value life insurance, especially the kind that is specially structured to accumulate cash and self-finance big-ticket purchases or investments in addition to the death benefit protection, is different from shopping for term life insurance, auto insurance, or home insurance. With cash value life insurance your relationship with your agent will last for years, if not decades. They will not only be the person helping you structure and apply for the policy, but once the policy is active you will want to meet with them on a regular basis to ensure you are maximizing the benefits of the policy.

Many financial advisors and traditional insurance agents claim they can implement this strategy for anyone. However, it’s important to find an agent that specializes in cash value life insurance to ensure that you are using the right carriers, products, and features in order to benefit from all the advantages of this strategy.

Financial advisors typically offer a wide variety of services, from asset management to insurance products. The truth is, there are so many investing and insurance strategies, companies, and products available that it would be impossible for one person to be an expert on every tool you may need in your financial toolbox. It’s possible that the advice you receive could be too broad to help you achieve your unique goals.

Additionally, if you are working with a traditional insurance agent chances are they are captive to one insurance company. This puts you on the opposite side of the spectrum, now the agent must attempt to choose from a small menu of products to fit your objectives. It can be like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. 

It’s for these reasons that the 100 Year Team specializes in the cash value whole life insurance strategy for real estate investors and is not captive to one insurance company. This gives them the expertise to listen to your goals and design a policy using the product and insurance carrier custom tailored to you. 

When you work with us, you’ll start our proven process to implement a policy that is designed specifically to your needs to you, plus you’ll receive ongoing support after the policy is issued. Our proven process includes:


Vision and Discovery

We won’t force you into a one size fits all solution. Through exploring your values around money and real estate investing, reviewing your current strategies, and understanding your personal goals; we’ll create a blueprint to achieve your objectives. We call this Personal Financial Engineering. 

Tailored Approach to Your Policy Goals Using the 100 Year Design

Our Team Members are independent insurance agents, which means they can work with any insurance company in the market. They’ve handpicked a few carriers that offer the features and products needed to maximize your benefits:

  • Permanent death benefit protection for your family and assets, paid income tax-free to your beneficiaries.
  • Riders to keep the insurance costs low and exponentially grow the cash value
  • Access to your death benefit if you suffer from a chronic, critical, or terminal illness
  • Flexible premiums so you can continue to successfully fund your policy when your income ebbs and flows
  • The ability to borrow against your cash value within the first month of starting your policy
  • Nondirect recognition of policy loans, so the growth of your cash value is not interrupted if you have to borrow against the policy
  • Tax-advantaged growth and distributions
  • Opportunity to earn dividends.


In addition to the features above, 100 Year REI Team members choose to only work with mutually owned insurance carriers that have a 100+ year track record and strong rating with the credit bureaus. 


Once your policy is funded, we continue to build a long-term relationship with you to help implement the Dual Asset Strategy. We conduct ongoing reviews with our clients and have a fantastic customer service team that will serve you for years to come. The 100 Year Team has over 100 years of combined experience and specializes in working specifically with Real Estate Investors. The special design of a 100 Year structured policy can help you grow and diversify your portfolio and protect your legacy by creating generational wealth.

Making the Right Decision

We believe that life insurance is not an emotional decision, but a sound risk management decision, which provides protection and opportunity for the future. Our Team is here to help clear your doubts and provide knowledge that will enable you to understand the value it offers in the long run. Don’t let the many myths in the insurance market affect your buying decision. Instead, talk to one of our licensed agents about your specific situation.

Talk to our Team today to find out more about advancing your plan.


Our Team Can Help

The 100 Year REI Team is ready to help you create a financial strategy that will allow you to simplify your real estate investment business immediately. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us today.