Whole Life Insurance Taught by Nelson Nash

In this episode, 100 Year REI co-founder Teresa Kuhn gives us insight into her long-time mentorship and friendship with Nelson Nash, the author of the classic book Becoming Your Own Banker that unfolded The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC).

Nelson was fortunate to do what he loved, and people have heard him say that the last 20 years of his life were his most fulfilling. By sharing what he loved, everyone that personally knew him was blessed and changed forever. He was one of the few on this earth that inspired and impacted thousands of people he never met. He created a gift for us that we must continue to share. We are blessed to have the challenge to continue his legacy so that future generations can benefit from his gift. Learn more here.

Key Takeaways:
-Who is Nelson Nash?
-What is  the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)
-How is IBC similar to the 100 Year Dual Asset Strategy
-How Teresa was introduced to Nelson Nash
-What Nelson Nash teaches about Whole Life Insurance

A heartfelt tribute from Teresa:
“Nelson Nash was such a remarkable and special man. He was very intentional in his thinking, his words, and his actions while still remaining very sweet and sensitive. At the end of the day, like Nelson used to say, wealth MUST reside somewhere. If every single one of your dollars is going towards risk, one day you will pay the price of that. There’s no other financial strategy that I know of that still gives you liquidity like whole life insurance. We will continue to beat Nelson’s drum by promoting long-term thinking to all of our clients. His spirit will live on within our business for years to come.” – Teresa Kuhn, Co-Founder The 100 Year Real Estate Investor

Check out the video version:

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