In this special-episode, 100 Year’s Kristin Colca presents a case study on comparing saving money in a traditional savings account at the bank versus using a whole life insurance policy as a savings vehicle.  Kristin highlights the key differences and explains how a 100 Year policy is a win-win for real estate investors.

Key Takeaways:

✔ With a whole life insurance policy, you can borrow against 85-90% of its cash value within the first month.

✔ Your compounding isn’t interrupted when you borrow against the cash value.

✔ Same dollars could work more efficiently when put into 100 Year Real Estate structured life Insurance policy as compared to those into savings account.

✔ The interest you earn from a savings account is taxable annually. Whereas, with whole life insurance, gains that are reinvested into the cash value of the policy do not generate a 1099. Plus, if structured correctly, you can borrow against your principal and gains income tax free.

✔ Additional advantages: death benefit protection and access to up to 75% of death benefit in case of chronic illness, terminal illness or a critical illness


NEXT Step:

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