Why IUL’s Won’t Work for the Dual Asset Strategy

If you’ve followed the 100 Year Real Estate Investor, you have heard all about Whole Life Insurance and the Dual Asset Strategy.

What you may not know is – there are many insurance agents who will attempt to sell you a strategy similar to the Dual Asset Strategy using a different type of insurance policy called Indexed Universal Life or IUL. 

So – what’s the difference between Whole Life and IUL?

In this video, we will answer just that AND explain why we have specifically chosen to work with Whole Life at the 100 Year REI.

To Recap: Here are the top reasons why an IUL is NOT a fit for the 100 Year REI’s Dual Asset Strategy:

-No Control
-No Guarantees
-No Liquidity
-No Flexibility
-No Protection
-No Proven Track Record

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